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-  regular medical care, provided by a Board Certified physician
-  broad spectrum of preventive and curative care
- continuity of care and integration of health care services 
- 24/7 telephone/email/SMS communications and consultations on all health related issues
- coordination of out-patient and in-patient care with other medical professionals
- weight loss management
- development of individualized wellness program: emotional, physical and nutrition fitness

- visit by a physician

- coordination of testing, skilled 

   nursing, physical/occupational  

   therapy. social services

- wound care and minor surgeries- - - ventilator and CPAP management - dementia care

- comfort and palliative care


Dr. Persidsky does house calls since 1999

Individual Health Management
- weight loss management
- development of individualized
  wellness program: emotional,
  physical and nutrition fitness
- medical care with house calls or 
  hospital follow up
- co-ordination of care with other  
  medical professionals
- health and social care advocacy,
  and family conferences
Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr. Persidsky has been on staff at internationally recognized Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (established in 1974) since 2011.Consultations and assessment may be done at home in advance of out-patient treatments, which are done at the hospital. Usually problem wounds, post-radiation treatment complications, post-cosmetic surgery wounds, etc.


Internal medicine applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Internist is referred to as  "the doctors doctor"


Dr. Persidsky is Board Certified internist with 30+ years of experience

Wound Care and Healing

Nothing is better than comprehensive, well–coordinated, quality wound care at home. If one has a sore or wound that is not getting better and has difficulty geting to the office for treatment, treatment team comes directly to the patient. Only the most up-to-date approaches to heal wounds are used, If necessary minor surgeries are perfomed at home, and referral made to specialists  and hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Sarcopenia & Frailty

Sarcopenia is age related loss of muscle mass (decrease in muscle mass and replacement of muscle fibres with fat and an increase in fibrosis), which causes weakness and frailty.

Widespread syndrome of frailty is associated weakness, slowing, decreased energy, lower activity, and, when severe, unintended weight loss.


Geriatric medicine focuses on health care of elderly people.

It promotes health by preventing and 

treating diseases and disabilities in older adults. It distinguishes between diseases and the effects of normal aging.


Dr. Persidsky has been taking care of seniors since 1981

Dementia Care​​

Even any dementia has no cure, there is still much that families can do to help their loved ones continue to function as well as possible for as long as possible. Creating a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for someone with dementia can be achieved through the high quality care

Palliatice Care & Hospice

Palliative careis done at any time during a patient's illness, from diagnosis on. Is is all about comfort: physical and emotional.

Hospice focuses on relieving symptoms and supporting patients with a life expectancy of months not years, and their families. .

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